It's my first time tufting. What can I expect?

We'll be sure you'll have no Rug-rets! We'll take you through the ABCs of tufting, set you up in your space and leave you to unleash your creativity. The possibilities are endless as you can tuft anything you think of in a 60x60cm canvas space. Go where your imagination takes you.

What is the minimum age attend the tuft class?

At Cutloop Studio, we welcome you as long as you've the muscles to hold the tufting gun (weighs about ~1.4kg), take some easy instructions, & you'll be ready to tuft away!

For tuftees under the age of 16, unfortunately you will need to have an adult accompany you and sign off our our waiver form. Do reach out to us at hello@cutloopstudio.com before signing up!

Something cropped up, I can't make it to class. Can I change my session date/time?

We understand emergencies do happen. Do inform us at least 24hours before the scheduled session time and we'll allow a one-off reschedule to another date to be made within 4 weeks of the initial session. Such reschedule slots will be subject to availability. Unfortunately if you change your mind, we do not offer refunds and do wish you'll come & enjoy the class.

To reschedule, please email us at hello@cutloopstudio.com. No-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours are also considered as completed sessions and are non-refundable.

Gift Cards - how long are they valid for? 

Valid for 3 months from point of sale. We recommend to remind your recipients to use them as early as possible and they may book their slots via our website.

OK! I'm all ready for an arm workout. Where can I sign up?

Just click on 'Book Now' on our landing page or at the top right corner. All bookings and payments are to be made via our website. We accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard & PayNow.

For any payment-related enquiries, please holler at us via hello@cutloopstudio.com and we'll reply at the soonest we can. We apologize if we take a little longer, we are searching for your records in Tufter Space.


How long does it take to make one rug?

This really depends on the amount of detail you wanna include. Let your creative juices flow, but (maybe) not too much :) Nonetheless it's TOTALLY possible to finish one rug in a 4-hour class. Feel free to send us a picture beforehand at hello@cutloopstudio.com and we'll guide you how! Kindly include your name and session date/time in the subject line.

Can I do 2 mini rugs instead of 1 big rug in the same workshop session?

Yes you can! This is available at a top-up of $30 as we'll have to trim & tidy 2 mini rugs instead of one. Do let us know if you choose to and we'll guide you in class. Rug size will be confined to the canvas size of maximum 60x60cm.

How many colours of yarn can I choose from?

We have more than 50 colours of yarn on offer, way more than the colours of the rainbow 🌈 We're sure you'll find the ones to make your piece. You're free to pick as many colours as you like to design the rug of your dreams.

What types of yarns do you have?

We have specially curated the selection of yarns. We use cotton and cotton blended yarns that are imported and assured of its quality & structure to ensure your rugs can withstand regular use(We nonetheless strongly advise to be gentle with care, afterall these are your handmade precious work of art!) Quick laundry tip: Our rugs are not washable! More care & maintenance tips here.

How will the rugs be finished?

The rug will be tidied with all the loose yarns securely fastened and finished off with a waterfall edge. What's included is also a backing felt and cloth edging on the back, along with an affixed label from our studio.

Oh no, I'm such a snail! What if I cannot complete the rug within the stipulated time?

You're more than welcome to extend the time to complete your rug. Extensions are chargeable at $15/hour or you may also choose to come back another time to complete it ; both subject to availability. Please let us know when you want to book it. This has to be completed within 4 weeks from your first booking.


How will I receive my rug/completed piece?

Woohoo~ you've completed your masterpiece! Well done, now you can sit back and relax and await for it to be delivered to you within 2-5 weeks. We'll tie up the loose ends, glue on the base and send it on its way to you. Shipping costs are all included in your workshop package.

Need it urgently? No worries. You can let us know and we'll set up a time where you can pick it up at our studio. Kindly note we'll need at least 5-6 working days to do up the final touches.


Private workshops

Looking to host a Corporate team bonding? Want to do something different with your girlfriends/gather the Bros together? Or are you organizing a bridal hen's party?

Our studio is an open canvas (pun intended). Contact us to discuss your ideas and we'll work together to make it happen. We can't promise the stars but we can assure it will be a memorable and fun time for you & your gang. Reach us at hello@cutloopstudio.com to get the party started.

Cutloop community - Cuties or Loopies!

Congratulations you've completed your first tufter-perience!

Hey Cutie/Loopie! Welcome to our Cutloop community. Upon completion of your first class, you've joined our awesome community. Any subsequent visit entitles you to 15% off our products/services. You are free to make our studio your safe creative space. Drop by again, tuft something and share it with your friends & grow the love for tufting!

Seasoned Tufters!

I'm a seasoned tufter! Can I come in and use the space too?

Sure, come join us! We'll provide you with the primary tufting fabric, glue and backing felt for one work piece of maximum canvas size of 60x60cm and you have unlimited access to the yarn/yarn colours as well the facilities of our studio. We'll leave you to do your thing. This is available at an hourly charge of $35/hour; subject to the availability of slots. Please contact us at hello@cutloopstudio.com in advance to book a time.


Please contact us at hello@cutloopstudio.com

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