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"Me-time", something so highly essential yet often overlooked. Set aside a few hours on a weekend, break away from routine to focus on yourself or spend some time with a loved one. Thank us later for the experience. We hope you enjoy our fun & chill place to unwind or be creative. Join our happy space!


When we learn something new everyday, we become happier people. Using a modern take on a traditional craft of rug making, tufting is your opportunity to learn something new and explore the uncharted. Not just rugs, unleash your creativity in making mirrors, framed rugs, other fun-sized projects and many more!

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It's summer all year round in our sunny island Singapore. Since the sun's out, time for the guns to be out! 😎 We are here to spread the joy of Tufting~ Hang on, what exactly is tufting you may ask? I don't even know how to spell it exactly.
No worries, come and tuft it out with us to discover!